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Order Policies


While we strive for accurate online color representation, actual colors may vary due to monitor differences. Our custom products are non-returnable, so please consider potential color variations from our samples. For precise color matches, request a sample before ordering, noting minimal manufacturer variations. To maintain consistency, order all blinds in one color at once, as dye lots may differ slightly.
"Rear illumination" occurs when light passes through translucent fabrics from behind, creating an effect that can subtly change colors and accentuate fabric textures. Please be aware that our swatches do not showcase this rear illumination phenomenon. If you'd like to see how rear illumination can influence the color or texture of a particular material, we suggest visiting your nearest retailer or requesting a sample from us.

When measuring window coverings, whether you opt for an inside or outside mount, consider the following dimensions:

Height: Measure from the top of the headrail to the bottom of the bottom rail (or, for vertical blinds, to the bottom of the vanes).

Width: Measure from the left edge to the right edge of the window treatment.

Inside Mount: This type fits inside the window frame. Factory deductions for operating clearance are usually made, though they can vary by manufacturer and product.

Outside Mount: For this option, the window treatment extends beyond the window opening. Manufacturers do not include deductions, so you must provide exact measurements, including any additional width and height to accommodate trim or other preferences.

For more details, please refer to our measuring guide.
Changes, cancellations, and refunds:

Our products are custom-made to your precise specifications and are not suitable for resale under normal circumstances. Therefore, it's crucial to be confident in your choices before finalizing your purchase.
Here are some key points regarding our cancellation and change policy:

Changes: We allow changes to your order within a 24-hour window after your online order is finalized. This is because production typically begins shortly after your order is placed. The changes must be emailed to us within 24-hour period.

Cancellations: If you decide to cancel your order within the initial 24-hour period, we will provide a refund of your payment.

Refunds: Once the 24-hour window has passed, we cannot offer refunds or credits for credit card purchases in the event of cancellation or changes.

Please carefully consider your choices and ensure your order is accurate before finalizing your purchase.
Damaged Shipment or Lost Shipment:

In the case of damaged or lost shipments, it is important to follow these procedures:

Reporting Period: Any damaged or lost shipments must be reported to our Customer Care Team within 7 business days from the date of the tracking number indicating delivery. Failure to report merchandise damage within 7 business days will result in no free repair or replacement.

Documentation: We may request documentation to support your claim of defects or damage in the delivery. If you receive a shipment that appears to be damaged, it is crucial to sign for it as "damaged" upon delivery.

Resolution: If a shipment is confirmed as damaged or lost, we will replace the exact same product at no cost to you.

Please ensure that you promptly report any issues with your shipment within the specified timeframe to facilitate a timely resolution.